18550 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701


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Raj was born and raised in Venice, LA.

"My family has always been in the food industry. We ran a successful Indian restaurant Hurry Curry in Venice Blvd for several decades. To serve and delight customers with food has always been holy to my family, and growing up that's all I knew, " says Raj, who now operates the successful Surati Cash & Carry in Artesia Blvd, Los Angeles.

The idea behind Surati was to offer everything one needs for Indian cooking. "Our main differentiation is the sheer number of brands we offer. Every brand is unique, and each of our customers come here looking for specific brands. Try making a simple chole masala with two different brands of chole masala powder - the outcomes will be totally different, and this choice is what our customers are looking for," says Raj standing besides aisles of varieties of masala powders proudly gleaming at us from their shelves.

Surati is a destination for not only your cooking needs, but will also be a way to meet and greet one another in the community. It has also turned out to be a happy place, stocking up on an ecletic variety of Indian sweets and snacks freshly packaged from another family-run business in the area.

When you're at Surati, say hello to Raj!