Our Story

EasyDesi.Online was started to facilitate social distancing at local ethnic stores during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A typical weekend shopping trip to stock up on groceries can result in potential exposure for consumers and store staff. With shelter-in-place restrictions in many states, home delivery services were severely backlogged due to lack of staff. Besides, most small, especially ethnic stores, are not equipped to deal with the logistics of home deliveries even with the help of third-party services.

We reasoned that enabling consumers to order groceries online and pick them up from the store later is an ideal way to reduce exposure while not imposing undue hardship on small stores. We initially targeted South Asian grocery stores given that we are part of the diaspora. As soon as we introduced the initial groceries-to-go service, both consumers and stores took to it instantly. Their overwhelming adoption and support led to the rapid expansion of the service across grocery stores in the US and beyond.

Consumers initially came for the safety of EasyDesi.Online but stayed for the convenience of the groceries-to-go model. They love the simple, unfussy and forgiving user interface. Stores appreciate the increase in orders without having to invest upfront in complicated integrations or spending hours training their staff. What started as an idea for social distancing has brought us closer to the community and we are grateful for this opportunity to serve you.