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Born into a family of restauranteurs, Dushyant Bhojak knows his food. A Gujarati born in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and raised in the historical cities of Ujjain and Mumbai, the eclectic influences of experiencing a wide range of flavors, from a simple Gujarati dal, to a well-made samosa with its complex construction yet highly addictive taste, left in Dushyant a discerning love for good food. 

"For as many generations as it has been possible to trace, my family has been in the restaurant business. Stories abound in tales of recipes that I use till day in Samosa House that are several hundred years old. I would like to think that the food I know is as rich as the history that make up the ancient city of Ujjain, my birthplace," says Dushyant.

Ujjain is also where he met his dear wife of several decades, Vibha. "When Vibha and I took over to run Bharat Bazaar from our friends, we knew we now had a greater and more important role to play; to re-create the unique flavors that we had grown up with back home, alongside selling quality ingredients that go into making them."

"Our grocery store, Bharat Bazaar, at over 8500 square feet, is one of the largest ethnic stores in LA that carries everything you need on your grocery list," says Dushyant.

The three restaurants they run, Samosa House locations (East, West, and Santa Monica), serve fare that the two have artfully crafted together. "We include our favorite Indian vegan and vegetarian dishes in the menu." So when you ask him what's the one dish he recommends, quick comes the reply, "All of them, of course, but I will never tire of eating our theplas and samosas."

Dushyant and Vibha spend their time equally across all Samosa House locations and Bharat Bazaar, and if you meet them, say Hello. "Food is holy, and to us, making sure our customers are happy is the holiest of our duties", Dushyant says.

Samosa House also caters to large parties and corporate events.