Mayuri Foods - SEATTLE

Good News!!! A brand new Mayuri Foods location opening soon

@ Redmond Town Center 7225 170th Ave NE# 101 Redmond, WA 98052

The Mayuri story

Efficiently operated by four partners, Dan, Mahidhar, Raj, and Ramesh, Mayuri Foods stands out in the Seattle community for its well stocked grocery store, restaurant, and bakery, all under one roof!

One of its partners, Raj, was just a student when he emigrated from Nepal in the 90’s, first living in Nebraska where he went to college and then settling in Seattle. We asked him what makes Mayuri special and he told us it’s their dedication to the community and their unique offering of the widest array of desi goods, including all sorts of fresh herbs, fruits & veggies, meat, and a bulk section.

You can get groceries, request dishes from their restaurants, as well as ask for freshly baked goods from their bakery!

Next time you’re in the store, and you see Dan, Mahidhar, Raj, or Ramesh, say hello. They love meeting their customers.