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The MASALA MIX india story

"Alaska and Arizona are two states that not only come one after another in an alphabetical order, but I went from Alaska to Arizona in life too," chuckles Rajeev Mitra, owner of Avondale's Masala Mix India, an ethnic store serving residents of West Valley and neighboring areas.

Growing up in the bustling metropolitan of Mumbai, India, introduced Rajeev to a wide variety of food and cultures. "The Bombay of my childhood was a melting pot that brought people from all over. My dad worked for the Indian Railways, the largest employer in India, and my mother worked at the postal services, both of these were the backbone of post-independent India. We were what you called a 'typical middle-class Indian family'...that only meant the two of them worked very hard and children studied very hard. That hard-work was table-stakes in life was a mantra I carried with me when I moved to the US for work."

Rajeev's story is as interesting as the variety of things his store now carries. "I was an avid student of geology since I was a child. So you can imagine how fulfilling it was when I first started working with Schlumberger in Alaska, conducting geological surveys, trying to locate oil using directional drilling. As much as I loved my job, the mythical six months of darkness and six months of light drove me a bit crazy...It ended up driving me to sunny Arizona! I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a living once I landed in Arizona, but I knew with that core ingredient of hard-work, I was going to be fine."

When the Mitras first moved to Avondale, it was hard to cook Indian. "We had to drive over an hour to find Indian groceries, and that's when I decided it was time to start one!" Initially, the store catered to the Indian diaspora in West Valley, but owing to their exemplary customer service, they got requests to stock up on anything that was in demand, whether it was used in Indian cooking or otherwise.

"Whether it is fresh produce you're looking for, or pre-prepared foods or meat, or any herbal products for hair or skin care, we carry them all," says Rajeev. "When you order online on, ask us for anything from the store. If all you have is a recipe, just enter it in the order, and we will help you with the ingredients you need."

When you're in the store next time, do say Hello to Rajeev and inquire about his Alaskan adventures :)