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THE kuttanadan story

Pathanamtitta is home to Sabarimala, a pilgrim center that attracts millions each year to visit its presiding deity, Lord Ayyappa.

Speaking of Pathanamthitta brings special joy to this longtime native, Chachi Ranny, who now runs Kuttanadan Indian Groceries in Warren, Michigan.

"Remembering my hometown brings back golden memories of its clean air, green paddy fields, blue skies, and wet monsoons. The town was dependent of agriculture and fisheries. Most things that have become synonymous with Kerala now, grew here in abundance: rice, rubber, pepper, ginger, cardamom, tapioca, coconuts.

Growing up, my family subsisted on grains harvested from our paddy fields, and fresh catch from the clear waters!"

When Chachi set up Kuttanadan in the early 2000s, he wanted it to be the store he would buy from. While it is primarily a South Asian grocery store, Kuttanadan specializes in all things that one needs to cook anything out of the Kerala cookbook. Besides fresh fruit & veggies and groceries, Kuttanadan is one of the few places in Warren one goes to for fresh fish and meat. After all, fresh fish from Kerala is still one of Chachi's favorite things on earth!

"Whether it is Sadhya or puttu and kadala curry or beef fry and porotta in your menu, we carry everything you need to make them at home. Or if you are not in the mood to cook or want to taste Kerala cuisine, we also specialize in ready-to-go Kerala food," he adds.

The name Kuttanadan is borrowed from the famous vanchipaattu song of the same name sung by the rowers and the crowds during the famous Kerala boat races, the vallamkali, the resplendent regattas of Kerala. The song is set to a metre not different from that of rowing of a boat.

And like this song that brings immeasurable joy, Chachi thinks the hallmark of his store is the love and trust they have earned from the residents of Warren through forging friendships that go beyond a grocery transaction.