India foods utah

4852 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84123


  • Step 1: Place your order here (no payment required); choose Dukaan In-store Pickup or Makaan Home Delivery.

  • Step 2: The store will bag your order and generate your bill; should they need your inputs, they will contact you via phone.

  • Step 3: Get store bill and pay online.

  • Step 4: Head to store for pick up or await delivery.

By getting the store bill, you know there are ZERO markups. You pay store prices. 100% transparency guaranteed!

The india foods utah Story

Armed with a master's in Computer Networking, Deepak is a man of many ideas.

After finishing his degree in Computer Science, he moved to the US with a dream that many before him had. To fInish his master's, get a job in IT, and travel down the beaten path. But a few years into it, he knew he wanted to do something bigger. That's when he took over India Foods, Utah, grocery store. And along with it, his entrepreneurial journey began!

"Back in Warangal, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, a degree in Computer Science was coveted. I earned the degree and landed a job but I realized that I was not passionate about my job. So I decided to change my career. Today, thanks to my supporting family, I run India Foods serving a close knit community in need of quality desi groceries," he says.

While the road he travels is unconventional, his feels fulfilled in a way that a regular IT job simply couldn't. "Running the store has been eye-opening. It has made me reach out to folks in my neighborhood, understand what they need, and give them exactly what they want. We try and curate our shelves with ingredients I want to cook with. Coming from Warangal where food was an integral part of life, I knew that the food that one cooks is only as good as the ingredients. And sourcing and serving great ingredients is a hallmark of our store!"

India Foods Utah carries everything you need to cook Indian food - from the choicest produce to the best ingredients! And even hot samosas and puffs, if you're in the mood for them!