apna bazaar

3607 E Bell Rd #2, Phoenix, AZ 85032


  • Step 1: Place your order here (no payment required); choose Dukaan In-store Pickup or Makaan Home Delivery.

  • Step 2: The store will bag your order and generate your bill; should they need your inputs, they will contact you via phone.

  • Step 3: Get store bill and pay online.

  • Step 4: Head to store for pick up or await delivery.

By getting the store bill, you know there are ZERO markups. You pay store prices. 100% transparency guaranteed!

The apna bazaar phoenix Story

"It is ultimately about passion" is Meher's quick reply when you ask him what led to the creation of Apna Bazaar Phoenix, an unlikely career choice for someone with a master's degree in Computer Networking.

Years of working in Corporate ingrained in him the art of understanding his customer, giving them what they want, and creating a sustainable business. These, along with Meher's fierce passion to serve his customers and to build a community of food-lovers, makes Apna Bazaar Phoenix a great choice for anyone in need of South Asian Groceries.

Growing up in Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, his childhood is filled with memories of food and of his family's heavy machinery business. "One is about eating and the other is about providing you with the ability to put food on the table," says Meher, and he made it his life passion to connect the two, food being integral to everyone's life.

Apna Bazaar Phoenix carries everything you need to cook Indian food - from the choicest produce to the best ingredients! "And if you are planning to make Vijayawada Biryani, my favorite, do not hesitate to let me know...I will help make sure you create magic in your kitchen!"

Meher also believes his store has the best homemade samosas and the highest quality idli and dosa batter in town!

The next time you're in the store, say Hi to Meher. "Nothing warms my heart more than talking to my customers," says Meher!